​Claims Management

We create a team to identify, investigate, assess, invoice and collect funds for your claims.  This complete project approach includes most services listed here and follows a well developed process to ensure we're recovering you the most we can get.

This is our most popular service. with our low fixed fee, it is difficult for our clients to process these claims internally at a lower cost.  Why not turn the whole process over to the professionals?  It's all we do.

Claims Discovery

We research old records to identify new opportunities for claims.  This includes all reports that are within the statute of limitations for such claims.

Claims Invoicing

We invoice and collect funds from your claims to ensure accurate and timely collections.

Claims Investigation

We help identify all pertinent information needed for making a claim, especially in cases of out of state drivers, no police report filings and uninsured motorists.

Process Optimization

We can review your current processes and help you build a claims process that is more effective and efficient.


We can provide formal in-house training for your team on initial claims adjustment processes that ensure the whole process flows smoothly and without delay.


We provide insight on:

  • Claims cycle times
  • Trends and Analysis
  • Financial Results
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