Federal Dollars or Safety Priorities?

American Safety Programs Aren't Working

There are several federal infrastructure programs that provide funding for local government projects. With so much money up for grabs, are local governments trying to get as much of this money as they can or are they focused on Vision Zero and saving lives? You might get some indication of their priorities when you see roads being built or widened that don't have visible issues.  Many VZ programs are screaming about insufficient funding. Are transportation projects getting all of the money instead? It's a thin line for cities and counties to walk. They want the money but have committed to VZ. I guess we'll have to see which projects get funded first. Learn more about matching from the NLC. Read more.

In 2021, Kansas City (MO) removed "jaywalking" from its criminal code to address racially biased police stops. In 2018, KC incurred record pedestrian fatalities. Has the city put its residents at risk?

They aren't serious

Illuminated Crosswalk Panels

Light up the whole crosswalk when pedestrians cross. Drivers can help but see the pedestrians. Sensol Systems of Seattle has some neat solutions.

Plan vs Performance - what city safety plans should be focusing on.

Vision Zero - Why it isn't working in the US.

Major Problems - Why cities won't accept help?



According to Tiffany Smith at the Vision Zero Network, it's not working because the US isn't taking VZ seriously. She says that the US must learn to take physics into account and move beyond the piecemeal approach. In my experience, city councilmembers have stated that "the quantity of deaths does not warrant any action at this time." It's quite disturbing to hear but this appears to be the view held by many elected officials. The problem simply isn't big enough for cities to go "all in" on Vision Zero.

Cities are hitting the reset button

Crosswalk Art  

Traffic calming is underway in Europe by using art in crosswalks and intersections. See how this might help slow cars down. Read  here.

Decriminalize Jaywalking:  Did it save pedestrians?

VZ won't work until we are serious about saving lives

Vision Zero was to be the answer to America's traffic woes. About a decade later, the results aren't promising. While conditions should have improved, cities are suffering injuries and fatalities at record rates. Strangely, it takes cities about 6-8 years to realize the plan isn't working. At this point, they start a new process to "revamp" the program. Too often this involves asking the same people to do something different that will work. I would hope that their first attempt would have been the best approach. However, it appears that we must be in a major learning mode and we haven't figured out what is actually happening on our streets.  Washington DC, Denver, San Francisco and many other cities have accepted the first failure and are trying to correct the problems they found with their approach. Learn more here.


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Pedestrian Deaths at a 40 Year High

How many Americans have to die before we do something about road safety?

Harvard says there are racial disparities in traffic fatalities. But is that due more to the fact that they live in underserved communities?

Vision Zero isn't working. So let's restart it.

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Does Federal Match Compete with VZ? 

Decriminalizing Jaywalking
Harvard Study Shows Racial Disparities

Smart Crossings

STEPVIAL has an intelligent road marking system that illuminates with pedestrians are near to warn drivers people are present.

Intelligent Speed Bumps

Actibump has speed bumps that measure speed and adjusts the bump to remind fast drivers to slow down. The correct speed results in a smooth passing. Learn more here.